What You Should Do After an Auto Accident

It can be incredibly scary to be involved in an auto accident. Once that initial shock is over, you have calmed down some, and you have made sure that everyone involved is alright, what steps do you take next? Many Quinlan, TX auto owners don’t know, and that’s why we at Slaughter Insurance Agency have put together a brief guide on what steps to take following an auto accident.

Examine Yourself

The first thing you should do is check yourself out and determine if you are injured. If you are, don’t move, and call 9-1-1 immediately. If you feel alright and your vehicle is drivable, move it to the side of the road or somewhere away from traffic. Otherwise, get yourself to a safe location (if you’re able) away from traffic.

Contact the Authorities

Regardless of whether you’re injured or not, the police need to come to the scene of the accident to take witness statements, obtain copies of drivers’ licenses and vehicle registrations, and more. In addition, you will receive a number for the police report, which you may need later if you decide to file a claim with your insurance company.

Swap Information with Other Drivers

It is imperative that you get the information of other drivers involved in the collision. This information includes their names, addresses, phone numbers, and insurance information, all of which is needed when you file a claim with your insurer.

Snap Some Pictures

While the insurance company is likely to take their own photos, it doesn’t hurt to take some pictures of your own. You never know when they may come in handy.

File an Insurance Claim

It can be overwhelming having to deal with the aftermath of an auto accident, especially when it comes to filing an insurance claim. This is why our insurance agents are available to walk you through every step of the claims process if needed.

If you have any questions about what to do when involved in an accident in Quinlan, TX, don’t hesitate to contact our team at Slaughter Insurance Agency.

Car Insurance Basics: Terms You Need to Know

Car insurance is one of those things that we pay very little attention to, until we need it. However, if we need it, that means we’ve been in an accident or something else negative has happened that is causing us to use our insurance, so it’s important that we understand some basic terms about insurance.

Luckily, if you are looking to learn about car insurance terms in Quinlan, TX, the team at Slaughter Insurance Agency can tell you all the terminology that you need to know.

Claim – A claim is a request made by the policy holder to the insurance company to pay for damages incurred to a vehicle, for medical treatments or other costs related to the covered vehicle/policy holder.

Collision Insurance – This coverage pays for damage to your vehicle in the event that it was in an accident (collision).

Comprehensive Insurance – This type of coverage pays for items that are not related to an accident. This can be anything from theft, to a fire or flood, or even a limb falling from a tree during a storm.

Deductible – This is the amount that you must pay before the insurance company will begin to pay towards your claims. For instance, if you get into a collision and your car sustains $5,000 in damage and you have a $500 deductible, your insurance will pay $4,500 towards the repairs.

Insured – The insured is also known as the policy holder. It is the drivers covered by the insurance policy.

Premium – A premium is how much your insurance costs. Premiums are paid either monthly, every six months or once a year. 

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