Home Insurance in Texas

Do you live in Texas and have specific homeowner's insurance questions you need to be answered?

If so, contact the Slaughter Insurance Agency in Quinlan, TX. At Slaughter Insurance Agency, we are committed to providing our clients with high-quality insurance policies combined with the lowest possible rates. If you are shopping for homeowner's insurance, we can help you obtain the best coverage at the lowest possible rate.

Your home will most likely be the most valuable asset you will ever own. You and your family will spend years in the home, building memories among your most prized possessions. Slaughter Insurance Agency can give you peace of mind in a catastrophe knowing that your home and valuables are well protected. Slaughter Insurance is one of Texas's top insurance companies, offering a personalized solution that saves you money while delivering exceptional protection for your home you desire.

It would be best if you had enough insurance to cover your home's replacement cost at current construction costs, without the land. Do not determine your rebuilding costs on the price you originally paid for your home. The cost of rebuilding could be more or less than the price you paid or what you could sell it for now.

Some banks require homeowner's insurance to cover the amount of the mortgage. If the insurance policy limit is based on the mortgage amount, make sure it is enough to cover the cost of rebuilding. You need homeowner's insurance to protect your investment even if your mortgage is paid off.

If you live in Quinlan, TX, and have homeowner's insurance needs, please contact us at Slaughter Insurance Agency. We will answer all your questions, provide the best in customer service, and all at an affordable price. Contact us today for a no-obligation quote.