Things home insurance won’t cover

A home is the largest asset most people have, and that means protecting it is very important. Home insurance provides a wide range of coverage but, like most insurance, it does have exclusions. At Slaughter Insurance Agency in Quinlan, TX, we try to make sure that all of our customers understand what the exclusions are and how you can compensate for them. 

Things home insurance won’t cover

Owner neglect

Owner neglect is a wide-reaching term that can be used to refuse coverage for a wide range of issues. If your home is damaged by termites, this is not something that your home insurance will cover, since it is your responsibility to treat your home for termites before they do damage. If you have an aging roof, and it leaks and allows your home to be damaged, it may not be covered since you are expected to maintain your roof. Your insurance carrier has the expectation that you will keep your home in good condition and not let it get run down. 

Earth movement

Earth movement covers a range of things, not just earthquakes. It also covers sinkholes as well as earth and mudslides. You can purchase a policy that will provide your home with this coverage. 


Flooding is probably the biggest shock to most homeowners. It can be complicated because some floods result from covered events. If you are in danger, be sure to discuss the possibility of adding flood insurance to your coverage. It is available through the NFIP. Flooding caused by broken pipes is covered. 

Home sharing messes

If you are considering renting your home out through Airbnb or HomeAway you should be aware that damage will not be covered by your traditional home insurance. This is considered business use of your home. 

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