How Umbrella Insurance Works With Your Home and Auto Policies

If you have home and auto insurance, you may feel you have as much insurance coverage as you need. However, this generally isn’t the case. You may lack enough liability coverage, and this can leave you vulnerable. The intelligent choice is to get an umbrella insurance policy to give you more coverage. When you need better insurance coverage, call us at Slaughter Insurance Agency in Quinlan, TX to learn more about umbrella insurance. 

More Liability Coverage

Sure, there is liability coverage on your auto policy and home policy. However, these policies often don’t have much of it. Getting an umbrella policy adds more coverage to both policies simultaneously. When you don’t have this kind of coverage, you may be left with a lot of overage bills to pay. These are bills that weren’t covered by your home or auto insurance because the policy maxed out. When you have umbrella insurance, the policy picks up where the home or auto policy left off. It pays those overages for you, so you aren’t personally financially responsible for the accident. Medical bills can be extremely high, so it’s essential to have this coverage. 

Saving Money On Premiums

Getting umbrella insurance to supplement your home and auto policies is highly cost-effective. If you were to go to both your home and auto policies and add more coverage directly to them, this would cost a lot. Getting an umbrella insurance policy to give you more coverage for both is much more affordable. Umbrella is relatively low-cost, and the maximum payouts are extremely high. 

Get Umbrella Insurance 

If you have an auto and a home policy, it’s time to get an umbrella policy. Call Slaughter Insurance Agency in Quinlan, TX.