Commercial Insurance in Texas

Business owners, large and small in Quinlan, TX, have found commercial insurance to be a lifesaver when it comes to lawsuits or damages that are beyond their control. At Slaughter Insurance Agency, we want our Texas clients to thrive, and we encourage this by offering commercial insurance to fit all of their needs.

What is Required?

When you own a Texas business, commercial auto insurance is required for any vehicles or farm equipment that employees use. This keeps everyone protected and secure in the event of an accident, no matter who is at fault. Any vehicle used for the business services must be listed on the commercial auto policy for coverage. Worker's compensation is another type of commercial insurance that is required in Texas. Any business that has at least two employees is required to carry this coverage. Should your employee be hurt while on the job, suffering physical damage, and need medical treatment, workers' compensation insurance will cover the cost of these treatments.

Other Insurance Options

When you create your insurance policy, you can add the following to protect your business:

  • Commercial Property Coverage
  • General Liability Insurance
  • Contractor Insurance

Commercial Property Coverage

Any property that is owned by your business should be protected in the event of a disaster. With commercial property coverage, you can replace any equipment, products, or property when you make a claim.

General Liability Insurance

With customers, employees, and other members of the public frequenting your business, it is essential to have general liability insurance available. If your business is named as the responsible party for personal damages, you have the financial protection you need to cover these costs.

Contractor Insurance

Many small business owners in Texas are contractors, working a variety of jobs at their customers' homes or properties. With contractor insurance, you can make a claim when you are found liable for unwanted damages or other claims by customers.

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