What every new homeowner needs to know about home insurance

The old saying "what you don’t know can’t hurt you " is not true when it comes to home insurance. The more you know, the less likely you are to make an error when choosing the right coverage for your new home. At Slaughter Insurance Agency in Quinlan, TX we make sure that all of our customers have the information they need to make an educated decision about their home insurance. 

New Homeowners: What You Need to Know About Your Insurance

Read your policy

Don’t take anything for granted. Check the declaration page to get all the particulars of your coverage in a simple-to-read format. 

Your policy can be customized

A one-size-fits-all policy doesn’t have to be what you get. You can determine the amount of liability coverage you want, the type of content coverage you need, and any riders that you may want to add. 

Home insurance has exclusions

While home insurance provides some really great coverage, it is also seriously lacking in some other areas. Probably the most surprising is that it doesn’t cover you for floods. Floods are one of the most damaging natural disasters and you have to get a separate policy if you want to be protected. Earthquakes are also not covered. Normal wear and tear and owner neglect are also excluded, along with sewer backup and sinkholes. Some breeds of dogs are excluded from coverage as well.

Your policy has limitations

Some content coverage is limited to certain dollar amounts. Jewelry is one of them. If you have some nice jewelry, check your coverage and consider adding a jewelry rider to provide enough protection. Other expensive items may require an appraisal to make sure they are covered. If you have a lot of electronics, make sure you have enough limits to cover them. 

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